NOTE: Bundle is not available for Instructor-Led

You will take the fundamentals course first and then proceed to the Practice of Mortgage Brokerage course.

Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage course is the first course required to get licensed as a Mortgage Broker in Alberta. This course begins with an overview to Real Estate and the Mortgage industry, covering essential concepts. Students learn about key terms and concepts that serve as the foundation for the rest of the program. 

Coming soon... the Practice of Mortgage Brokerage course is the second course required to complete the course and get licensed as a Mortgage Broker professional in Alberta. 

The online video course includes self-paced study materials, video training and practice quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the key concepts for each unit.

Learners have 6 months to complete each course and write the licensing exam with RECA. Learners have 2 attempts to pass the licensing exams with 70% passing marks required.

In addition, the students will have access to the industry leading exam prep materials which include extra practice questions, summarized notes and mock tests to help prepare for RECA’s licensing exam.

Course Outline: Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage

Unit 1 – Understanding Mortgage Brokerage
Unit 2 – Introduction to Mortgages
Unit 3 – Contract Law
Unit 4 – Real Property Law and Related Legislation
Unit 5 – Mortgage Law and Related Legislation
Unit 6 – Real Estate Act, Rules, and Regulations
Unit 7 – Mortgage Brokerage Relationships
Unit 8 – Mortgage Fraud Awareness
Unit 9 – Ethics, Professionalism, and Risk Reduction

Unit 10 – Property Valuation

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EXAM: Administered by RECA.
EXAM LOCATION: RECA approved Exam Centres




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